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Ferrous Scrap



Bonus Grade Scrap

Cast Iron

New heavy-duty scrap metal

New lightweight scrap

Cooling pellets

Lightweight scrap Bales


Steel Billets


A billet is a length of metal that has a round or square cross-section, with an area less than 36 in2 (230 cm2). Billets are created directly via continuous casting or extrusion or indirectly via hot rolling an ingot or bloom. Billets are further processed via profile rolling anddrawing. Final products include bar stock and wire.

We provide you with materials when you need them.

You get what you ordered exactly when you need it. Thanks to minimised storage times and optimised logistics, our services are very cost-effective. At the heart of our sales effort are long-term customer relationships ‒ and we pride ourselves in taking good care of them. 

Depending on the needs and wishes of our customers, material can be delivered by road, rail or sea.

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