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Steel is our passion

Korsol Trade is an International scrap trading company based in Estonia. Founded on the principles of quality, honesty, and integrity.

Korsol Trade created a niche in the scrap trading industry within a couple of years of establishment and has met client expectations in terms of different grade of metal scrap.

The core operations of Korsol Trade is focused at sourcing different grades of ferrous metal scrap from our partner yards in The Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia. Our industrial customers  are mainly located in Europe and Asia.

We know the requirements of the buyers and sellers. Korsol Trade offer competitive and attractive prices and conditions which has enabled us to establish long-term business relationships.

Rule of the Korsol Trade team is that every customer is an integral part of business success.

Our mission further extends into our external environment, to improve our environmental quality and progress towards a clean and safer place to live for our future generations.

Korsol Trade

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